Michigan Pastured Poultry


Chickens and Turkeys That Say

(and “no” to drugs)

Our Michigan Pastured Poultry

Dont think that the pigs have all the fun on Serendipity Farms.  Our chickens and turkeys are 100% free-range, pastured birds.

Many Commercial farms advertise their products as being “Free-Range” but the USDA Standard only requires that farmers demonstrate to the agency that the poultry has been allowed “access” to the outside. There is no minimum standard for the amount of time that animals actually have outdoor access, so even a few minutes outside a day could qualify a bird as free range.

Our Birds are truly free-range, with complete access to pastures, only coming into the coop at night for their safety.

Our chickens and turkeys are fed soy free, non-GMO feed as well as a myriad of other goodies from our garden.