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You didn’t find us by chance.
It was Serendipity.

It was my mother who started this farm, and it was she who named it Serendipity.

Hi, I’m Wendy.

When my mother passed away in my arms 12 years ago I knew I couldn’t let go of my hero and best friend. So I put all of me–my heart, body, and soul–into building this farm into what my mom hoped it could become.

Today, when folks who knew my mom see our farm they tell me how very proud she would be of me of what I turned this farm into.

That warms my heart and gives me hope that we can all make a positive change. A change in how we treat farm animals, how we respect the soil and how we value the nourishment that only real food can provide us.

It’s serendipity that allowed my mother to start this farm and enriched my life. And now, I want you to experience the same joy I have by connecting to real, local food produced by a real, local farmer.

You don’t have to start a farm, but you do need Serendipity.

Now you’ve found it.


To maximize your family’s health & enjoyment of eating locally raised, protein-rich foods.


We are Animal Welfare Approved Certified.

What does this mean? It guarantees animals are raised outdoors on pasture or range for their entire lives on an independent family farm using truly sustainable agriculture methods.

No other food label offers these distinctions. We are the only farm in Northern Michigan to be certified along with being Soy / GMO-free.


We have an open door policy at the farm because we believe transparency is essential to accountability. This means that anyone can view any part of the farm at any time. 

We use intensive pasture management, rotational grazing and multi-specification of pastures to deliver the highest quality, cleanest and most nutrient dense food possible.


We make a great distinction between the term “free range” as opposed to our pastured products. Simply emphasizing the daily rotation of the animals in a symbiotic and natural sequence and our poultry are only locked up at night for their safety.

During the day they are free to free range on pasture Much better and healthier for the animal and earth. 


We rotate our cattle ahead of the chickens. This way our chickens clean up after the cattle before the ground rests for an extended period of time.

Our pigs are rotated in a similar manner.

The cattle are fed 100% grass fed /hay while the chicken and pigs have access to free choice NON -GMO and SOY FREE grain rations to supplement their pasture diet.

This rotation and multi-species confuses pathogens and provides a platform that allows us to grow animals without the use of any type of medications, hormones or antibiotics.

We Say NO to Soy and YES to Health

99% of the world’s soy is genetically modifed

Soy is high on the list of foods MOST CONTAMINATED by pesticides. 

Soy is high in phytic acid, a substance that blocks the uptake of essential minerals in the intestinal tract.

Soy acts as a phydo-estrogen (a plant-based hormone) that can have similiar hormonal effects as estrogen in the human body. It is thought to act as a hormone disruptor to the endocrine system.

Learn more about soy from our friends at Weston A. Price.


Way to Go!

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