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What does our small, regenerative farm looks like?

✔ rotational pasture grazing 

✔ symbiotic species relationships

✔ alive, healthy soil free from chemicals

✔ farmers who love the land

We have an open door policy at Serendipity Farms.

Visitors come from all across Michigan, and even from out of state!

We invite you to come experience the farm.

Our farm store is open Tuesday - Saturday.

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Proud to be:

At Serendipity Farms we care deeply about the animals we raise. 

We are Certified Animal Welfare Approved, which ensures our animals are born into, cared for, and harvested to the highest standards. 

Learn about what it means to be Animal Welfare Approved here.

Serendipity Farms has been featured in:

Products from the following vendors can be found in our store

  • Amish

    We work with Many Amish families and businesses, one of which is a Bakery :) We have them bake many breads, dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls using Non Gmo flour, fresh eggs and real butter. They bake everything off and quickly freeze it to preserve the freshness that you will find when you pull a loaf out of the freezer and let thaw at room temp, you can warm it in the oven if you'd like, nobody will know and I won't tell ;) yum yum fresh bread is a homerun every time.

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  • Babcock Farms

  • Cabin Cookies By Theresa

    Cabin Cookies By Theresa

    Beautiful Homemade, Handpainted Sugar Cookies, and DYI Cookie Kits, Theresas Artwork On her cookies will astound you at the detail she puts into her work.

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  • Charter Reserve

    Charter Reserve


    It’s a commitment we keep with each and every one of our premium meats and cheeses. 

    Crafted to Feed the Whole Family


    Kids love the taste of our real deli – and you’ll love everything that’s not there: no trans fat, no gluten, and no added MSG. Every one of our premium meats and cheeses are made right using time-honored traditions. No artificial fillers, no byproducts, no shortcuts. Just a heart-healthy turkey and chicken, meats made in the USA, award winning cheeses, and all the flavor you’d expect from Real. Good. Deli.

    We Go Beyond The Brown Bag


    Our premium deli meats and award-winning cheeses make for a really great sandwich. And that’s just the start – from a midnight snack to a beautiful charcuterie board, Charter Reserve isn’t just for lunch. Order thick-cut slices from the deli to add some protein to your next salad, or crumble for some quality pizza toppings. And make sure to try some shaved cuts for soups, broths and sauces.

    Charter Reserve - A Great Choice And A Smart Buy


    We’ll let you in on a little secret – Charter Reserve is priced right. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice value for quality when it comes to the food you feed your family. Charter Reserve is all about premium ingredients and great taste – at an affordable price.



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  • Farm on Felshaw

    Farm on Felshaw

    Hi I’m Katie, I started growing organic micro greens for my family and decided to open it to the public. 

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  • Gardner Pie Company

    Gardner Pie Company

    The Gardner Pie Company is completely dedicated to baking and selling only the very best pies. You’ll taste the Gardner difference in every delicious bite.

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  • Gateway Gardens

  • Granny's Jammery

    Granny's Jammery

    Handpicked at the peak of freshness, hand stirred.

    A true taste of home-cooked jams and spreads

    Using NO preservatives, artificial flavors or colorings.

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  • Home delivery or Saturday Farm Pick up ONLY

  • Hooked On Essentials LLC

    Hooked On Essentials LLC

    We are located in Northern Michigan.​ We use methods that have been around for generations; simple cold process soap that can be produced with over the counter ingredients.Our lotion is made with natural oils and butters. There is not an effective way to prevent bacteria and mold without using a preservative. I choose ones without parabens or formaldehyde whenever possible.All our products focus on giving you the best ingredients that are safe for all skin types including sensitive skin.We always look for and use American made products.

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  • Hunt and Gather Dry Foods

    Hunt and Gather Dry Foods

    Allie Chantial Vincent Owner & Maker

    I started Hunt & Gather Dry Foods at the beginning of 2020. We are a small batch food and drink company, focused on Old World food preservation techniques including dehydration and conditioning.

    we first created our special variety of fruit chips and granola‘s before expanding into cocktail infusion kits, water and tea infusion kids, and sun tea. We use unique flavors and ingredient blends to create an assortment inspired by our childhood favorites with playful and creative takes on traditional recipes.

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  • Josie’s Organics

    Josie’s Organics

    For the Love of Nonnie 

    Josie’s Organics is named after “Nonnie Josie,” the grandmother to the third generation of the Braga family. Josie & Sebastian Braga bought the Home Ranch and built a farmstead raising dairy cattle and growing hay, sugar beets, tomatoes, corn and lettuce. Nearly a century later, the Braga family honors Josie by sharing her name and commitment to providing fresh, organic vegetables and leafy greens.

    At Josie’s Organics, we embody a holistic program where food safety is at the forefront of everything that we do. Even before crops are initially planted, the food-safety process has already started. Our broad investment in food safety helps ensure our vegetables and leafy greens are carefully monitored, evaluated, reviewed, and adapted at all levels from start to finish by our dedicated and well-trained team. We are producing the best seasonal produce with the highest standards from our family farm.

    Healthy Soil 

    We have a robust testing program to make sure the soil is perfect for growing healthy plants. Healthy plants need healthy soil and we treat the soil differently based on the specific crop we are growing. Our soil is healthier now then when we started farming over 90 years ago.

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  • Kings Orchard

    Kings Orchard

    We are a family of farmers. We tend the land together, we run our business with the support of each other and we wholeheartedly welcome visitors to our farm, treating them as part of the family. We love sharing the abundance (and joy!) of our harvest with our customers. We take pride in getting our hands dirty and seeing the smiles that result. Our passion is contagious—come visit us and we think you’ll agree!

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  • Kutztown Soda Works

    Kutztown Soda Works


    Kutztown soft drinks are made from the original premium recipes invented at the turn of the century. All of our sodas are made with the finest ingredients obtainable. That means pure cane sugar for the best possible taste and as always, our sodas contain no caffeine.

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  • Lost Village Pierogi

    Lost Village Pierogi

    Along with traditional flavors such as potato and cheese and kielbasa and kraut, Lost Village’s pierogi menu also includes a broad range of other options, ranging from Philly cheesesteak to jalapeno popper to a breakfast pierogi. Potato pancakes and kapusta are among the other Polish food choices available.

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  • McCormick Farmz

    McCormick Farmz
  • Menno


    When we launched Menno Tea from our Goshen College dorm rooms in 2011, our aim was simple: to brew delicious tea inspired by a family recipe from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. But as Menno Tea grew, we found that our Mennonite roots gave us more than just a name for our tea - they gave us a set of values to guide our practices. Here’s how our background shapes where our business is today and where we hope to take it tomorrow:


    Growing up in communities that valued simple lifestyles, we learned how less can be more, even when it comes to ingredients.

    Today: Our recipe is simple: we use a small number of ingredients you can pronounce. Our business is straightforward, too: we make good tea and sell it to stores, who sell it to you.

    Tomorrow: As we release new flavors, including a range of Seasonal teas using local produce, we’ll continue to apply this commitment to simple recipes and straightforward practices.


    Our shared background taught us that we’re interdependent members of community, and that we can’t go it alone. We’re grateful to all members of the Menno Tea community who grow, brew, bottle, pack, ship, sell, and enjoy Menno Tea, and we’re committed to contributing to this community.

    Today: Menno Tea contributes to the Everence Sharing Fund, which provides matching fund grants to community members in need.

    Tomorrow: As we expand, we look forward to learning about new ways to contribute to the community that makes Menno Tea possible. We’re open to suggestions, so please pass yours along!


    We grew up in agricultural areas, where we learned to cultivate a sustainable relationship with the land that makes wholesome food—and beverages—possible.

    Today: Our bottles incorporate recycled materials and use the minimum amount of glass needed to hold 16 ounces of goodness. We also package our tea for shipment with the goal of minimizing waste. In the summer of 2015, Menno Tea expanded in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where the recipe originated. This move allowed us to take steps toward using locally-sourced, organic ingredients and reduced carbon emissions by bringing ingredients closer to bottling facilities.

    Tomorrow: As our business grows, so will our opportunities to make sustainable choices. Over the coming months and years, we will be strengthening our connection to local agriculture, further improving our supply chain.

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  • Michigan Farm to Freezer

  • Milford Spice Company

    Milford Spice Company

    Welcome to The Milford Spice Company, proud to be a Michigan company and working hard to earn your business. We believe exceptional meals begin with exceptional ingredients, and we think you'll find our spices to be some of the best on the market today. All of our products are all natural, preservative, MSG and GLUTEN FREE. We do not use any fillers or anti-caking agents, and they are non-irradiated. And best of all: they're delicious! 

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  • MnM Crafting Studios

    MnM Crafting Studios
  • Morning Star Pastries

    Started in 2010, Morning Star Pastries began baking from their home in Fort Plain, NY. They sold their goods locally at fairs and to customers in their community.

    In 2015, they partnered with other Amish families in their community and opened a small store in Fort Plain, NY. Where they focus on baking specialty foods made with all natural, organic ingredients.

    This bakery has grown to support numerous families in the Amish community in Montgomery County. They continue to thrive by offering fresh baked goods made the old fashioned way, all natural and GMO-free..

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  • Mrs. Millers Homemade Noodles

    Mrs. Millers Homemade Noodles

    While growing up in a family of 14 children, Esther Miller developed a love for cooking. When her mother began making homemade noodles for several local grocers, Esther also discovered a passion for the business. In 1973 Esther ventured into her own noodle-making endeavor. She spent hours in her kitchen experimenting with the noodle-making process until she had it perfected. This same old fashioned process of kneading, rolling and cutting is still used today.

    For 18 years, Esther, along with her husband, children, and a few other employees, made noodles in her basement and delivered to local grocery and bulk food stores. However, the business continued to grow and the basement became over-crowded. In 1990, the Millers bought an old car dealership which they turned into a noodle factory. They also bought their first automated pasta machinery. The business has come a long way since then. In 2010 the office and warehouse expanded to a facility just outside of town and in 2013 a large addition was added to accommodate a new manufacturing and packaging line and more efficient warehouse space.

    Mrs. Miller’s continues to be family owned and operated. The family feels blessed to be able to work together while still having time for things that really matter to them – God, family, and community.

    Currently Mr. & Mrs. Miller are still involved on a regular basis. Morris (son) now oversees most of the company and is the Production Manager. While still finding time to help maintain the current equipment. Cheryl (daughter) is currently the main accountant and office manager. Maria (daughter) now helps prepare food for food shows and photography. As well as assist in the manufacturing process of Peanut Butter Spreads and Cappuccinos. Brian (son) assists in setting up of new equipment and maintenance. However, his interests have led him to a career as a doctor, and is known to some as “Noodle Doc”.

    The business is located in Fredericksburg, Ohio, a small village in Ohio’s Amish Country where traditions of hard work, love of family, good ethics, and enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures are prospering.

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  • Mrs. Millers Jams & Jellies

    Mrs. Millers Jams & Jellies

    Our family got our start cooking jams, jellies, and butters in stock pots on mom's kitchen stove. The heartwarming smell of simmering apple butter wafting through the entire house is forever a part of our childhood memories. 

    In the second generation almost 30 years later, not much has really changed at Mrs. Miller’s. The kettles may have grown a bit larger, and the selection of flavors has increased. But the old-time recipes, simple fresh ingredients, and the delicious homemade taste remain a staple in every hand-scooped batch, which are still canned on our home acres in Ohio’s Amish Country. 

    We believe authentic homemade jams should stand out from other options in the market, which is why we choose to make our jams with fresh wholesome fruits, real cane sugar, and GMO- free ingredients. One of our highest compliments that we regularly receive from our customers is that our butters and jams "taste just like what I remember from my grandma’s cooking." 

    Although we began with the traditional flavors such as apple butter, strawberry, and black raspberry, today our customers enjoy over 70 of our different varieties of jams, jellies, & butters. Some of our unique varieties include flavors such as guava, tomato, mint and even dandelion jelly, which derives its popular flavor from the yellow dandelion blossoms picked in local fields during the spring. There’s also a no sugar lineup, pepper jellies, and so many more to choose from. No matter your favorite flavor, Mrs Miller’s is sure to carry it and we promise you it will taste just like you remembered it from your grandmother’s kitchen.

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  • Nature Blessed

    Nature Blessed

    Michigan Company

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  • New Hope Mills

    New Hope Mills

    Although the mill is no longer used for producing flour, New Hope Mills can operate much the same as it did in the 1800’s. The mill is being preserved with operations intact, with the goal of an operational museum.


    If they are still standing, they are deteriorating fast. At New Hope Mills, we take pride in preserving such an old piece of our American Heritage. We believe we should preserve our heritage and our families.


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  • Original Bagel Company

    Original Bagel Company

    Original Bagel was founded in 1995 as a fresh bagel supplier to local bagel shops, donut stores and delis from a rented, very tiny bakery in Rhode Island. With limited funds, co-founder Dave Harris had to be creative in every possible way including making a "proof box" by placing a boiling pot of water in the center of racks of bagels.

    In 1996 co-founders Bruce Levenbrook and Ron Harris purchased a Pepsi distribution building for sale in West Caldwell, New Jersey. Over nearly two decades we‘ve created the best scratch baking operation, cold storage and offices all under one roof just 20 miles from New York City. Our focus on quality control has allowed us to sell 2,000,000 bagels weekly in all major channels of distribution.

    We continually invest in modern equipment and processes to help ensure the best quality for our customers. We have a history of re-investing our profits year after year. And in 2015 we invested $2 million that includes a new DualBlastTM dual-spiral blast freezer to improve quality and increase capacity.

    We know how we do business has a direct effect on our environment and we‘re always looking for ways to reduce our impact. That is why in 2015 we completely eliminated the environmentally unfriendly R-22 refrigerant 6 years ahead of the January 1, 2020 required phase out by the Environmental Protection Agency. It is also why we It is also why we switched to T8 lighting in our offices and bakery lighting to save energy.  Recently we installed a new "cool roof" and solar panels that produce over 60,000kWh per year. We also actively support community organizations.

    We continue to grow and thrive, acquire new customers, and set the industry standard for authentic kettle boiled, hearth baked bagels.

    Quality Control

    At the heart of everything we do is a passionate commitment to quality control. Original Bagel products are crafted from scratch using exceptional ingredients and allowed to ferment for 12 hours before being treated to an extended period of kettle boiling. Bagels are then hearth-baked and inspected before being packaged for shipment. Quality Control requirements are documented and every one of our employees is trained in our standards and empowered to actively contribute to achieving perfection. We employ the newest technology such as an integrated scale that records every ingredient in every batch we make.

    From small, humble beginnings and rented equipment to our large, new completely renovated facility housing our scratch baking operation, cold storage and offices, it’s been quite the journey. Today we sell over 2,000,000 bagels per week & serve customers throughout North America in all major channels of distribution. And what we’ve learned is that being Original is what we do best. 

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  • Pellmans Foods

    Pellmans Foods

    Our founders, Bill and Ruth Pellman, started the business in the Pellman family kitchen

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  • Revolution Farm Greens

    We created Revolution Farms to be clean from the start and to feed our community with fresher, more nutritious salad greens all year long.

    We carefully tend to every non-GMO certified leaf, protecting them from pests and harsh weather, and ensuring they are crisp, rich in nutrients, and fresh for weeks.

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  • September Farms

    September Farms



    At September Farm we make our own all-natural yogurt with locally produced, quality Grade A milk. We have crafted a whole milk yogurt that is both delicious and nutritious! Because it is rich in protein and lightly sweetened with natural cane sugar, our yogurt is a healthy treat that you and your family can indulge in every day.


    Pick up a cup, grab a spoon, and enjoy perfection in every bite! Try each delicious flavor—plain, blueberry, honey lemon, peach, raspberry, strawberry, and vanilla. All fruit flavoring is made fresh right here on our farm!

    Our fruit-flavored yogurt is made using real fruit cooked in our own homemade filling.

    Our fruit-flavored yogurt is made using real fruit cooked in our own homemade filling.

    • No artificial sweetener
    • No artificial flavorings
    • No food coloring
    • rGBH Free Milk


    Fresh yogurt starts with fresh milk. Our milk comes straight from the dairy farm to the yogurt vat. It doesn’t get fresher than that!

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  • Serendipity Farms

    Serendipity Farms
  • Shelby Joes

  • Shore Lunch

    Shore Lunch

    For generations, fishing guides handed down their homemade recipe for fish batter. Beloved by fishermen and everyone alike, it became known as the Old Guide’s Secret™.

    Using this secret, today, Shore Lunch offers the perfect soup, breading and batter mixes to complement any meal or enrich the flavor of your favorite recipes. Rich and savory, all of our mixes are intended to make it easy for you to serve up delicious, homemade meals in a fraction of the time.

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  • St Claire’s Organics

    St Claire’s Organics

    In 1993, master herbalist Debra St. Claire co-founded and became the executive director of an international project to preserve the medicinal plant knowledge of indigenous cultures. The project was named The EthnoMedicine Preservation Project®. As executive director, it was her responsibility to fund the project.

    Next, she looked for a product that could be sold to the same customer again and again, with little need for consumer education, in many different markets....a fun product that could carry the message about the EthnoMedicine Preservation Project® and capture the imagination and loyalty of her customers. Because her personal food choices were centered around the philosophy of whole, pure, and organic, she decided to create an organic product that she felt good about giving to her family and that she could sell to her customers with pride.

    Debra St. Claire preserving ethno medicine

    St. Claire permint tins

    Drawing on her extensive experience in product development in the natural foods industry, she created an organic breath mint that was designed to be the natural alternative to an English breath mint named Altoids, a product that she personally liked for it’s strong taste, but did not like the ingredients it contained (refined white sugar and animal by-products).

    She used Organic Molasses Granules to form a natural base for the Pure Peppermint Essential Oil that she used to flavor her new breath mint. (In the Ayurvedic healing arts, dehydrated molasses (also known as Jaggery) is used as a medicine to support the immune system!) Unlike Altoids, St. Claire’s Organic Peppermints are made with medicinal grade peppermint essential oil and have no animal by-products.

    Debra painted a scene of the Rocky Mountains from her home in Boulder, Colorado and used it to decorate collectible tins to package the peppermints. Because she felt great personal and professional benefit from reading inspirational quotes from various great minds from history and in current times, she added a selection of these bits of wisdom to the insides of the peppermint tins. Her goal was to give each customer something uplifting to read each time they opened the package.The peppermints were launched in July, 1994, and became an instant success in the natural foods industry, attracting both national and international distribution and loyal customers.

    St. Claire permint tins



    All of us in the Natural Product Industry know that Peppermint, Licorice, and Ginger have great medicinal properties and can be used to help digestion and alleviate nausea, so these three products have a loyal following with the adults. What was missing was something fun for the kids. Our Lemon Tarts were very popular with children, but the price for a tin was a little high for the young folk, so the St. Claire's Organic Fruit Tarts line was born, now containing 6 fruit tart flavors: Raspberry, Lemon, Peach, Watermelon, Tangerine, and Lime. We call them “the natural alternative to SweeTARTS”. Funny thing is, they turned out to be just as popular with adults! 

    St. Claire's Organic TartsAROMATHERAPY PASTILLES 

    Unable to leave her love of herbal product formulation for very long, Debra St. Claire developed another line of products called St. Claire’s Aromatherapy Pastilles, a line of molasses based herbal lozenges. The first two products in that line were St. Claire’s Organic Tummy Soothers and Throat Soothers. The Tummy Soothers are formulated with herbs and essential oils traditionally used to alleviate gas, indigestion and nausea. The Throat Soothers are designed to alleviate sore, scratchy throats, and are also quite effective for speakers and singers who need to protect their voices.

    St. Claire's Tummy and Throat Soothers




    Debra St. Claire and the EthnoMedicine Preservation Project® are currently producing a new documentary film about the traditional healers and ethnobotany of the Q’ero people of the high Andes in Peru – original Incas who fled to high altitude 500 years ago to escape the Spanish. 145 plants have already been documented in the Q’ero villages. 

    Debra St. Claire's socially responsible business vision was featured in the PBS series, Small Business 2000, which described her fascinating 'ECOpreneurial' journey. This program, sponsored by IBM, the US Post Office and Traveler's Insurance, is still being broadcasted all across the US.

    The relationship between St. Claire’s Organics brand and the EthnoMedicine Preservation Project® is a perfect example of socially responsible business. The for-profit organic product company supports the non-profit project.

    We are currently supplying St. Claire’s Organic mints to the two largest national TED conferences in the U.S. because they are most particularly interested in the quality of our products AND our relationship to the EthnoMedicine Preservation Project®.





    St. Claire's Organics

    12041 Hwy 180 East

    Santa Clara, New Mexico 88026



    Connect with us!

    © 2021 St. Claire's Organics, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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  • Superior Foods

    Our seafood spreads are made in house with freshest ingredients. Whether you need a spread for an appetizer or a delicious afternoon snack, Superior has all your favorite gourmet spreads.

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  • Tc Elderberry

    Tc Elderberry

    Our Standards

    Here at TC Elderberry, we want you to feel like you are getting the best "homemade" elderberry syrup you have ever had. We want to give you the excellent customer service that you deserve while also manufacturing our products with safety in mind. We work hard to be compliant with FDA regulations. We truly hope to excel in all areas of our very small business. It is our mission to spread health, hope and love - one bottle at a time.

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  • Thaiwala


    There’s never been a concentrate like this. We’re not even kidding. We’re the first Thai tea concentrate on the market. But that’s not what makes Thaiwala special. Could it be the obsessively perfect recipe? Or the super simple preparation? Maybe it’s that every carton serves 8 gleeful members of your tribe. Quite likely it’s that our farm direct tea is grown without herbicides or pesticides. Possibly all of these things, and some we haven’t even thought of.

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  • The Dirt Road Farmer

    The Dirt Road Farmer

    The Dirt Road Farm was born out of my deep love for hard work, mother earth, family, and a desire to give back to the community I came.  

      12 years ago I embarked on a personal learning journey about local foods and small scale regenerative agriculture.  My vision for the farm has transformed since its germination in my brain, I have plans and ideas for years ahead!

       We’ve chosen to focus on annual crops and floral offerings out of the gate because it will help build the options for other products on the farm.  Eventually I will include culinary mushrooms, berry crops, and other perennial food crops like asparagus in the farms offerings. We seek to be as diversified as possible in the northern growing season.  

       A large part of this vision for me is a community, I have grown passionate about teaching young people about healthy food, and would love to spearhead a program in our community that can involve youth and adults interested in learning and growing chemical-free food together.  

    Reasons I pick the varieties of seeds I do, (in order of importance) 

    #1 “Days to maturity”  this is of significant importance because of how far north we live.  Anything over 120 days will be tough here without season extending structures.

    #2) Disease resistance- can be very important for specific vulnerable crops ie; cucurbits & powdery mildew.

    #3 Heirloom/open pollinated VS. Hybrid- this is mostly important or seed saving reasons.  Many heirloom varieties are unique and have interesting stories of cultivation or resurgence in popularity which is just icing on their coolness cake! Hybrids are typically varieties that have been bred through natural plant science to emphasize favorable characteristics of reliable varieties.  

    #4 Sometimes, just really love a cool plant name!

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  • The Farmers Creamery

    The Farmers Creamery

    Low pasteurized, non homogenized cream top milk from the Farmers Dairy. Working with local small Amish and Mennonite dairy farms together they bring you The Farmers Creamery. What does this mean for you?

    No Added Hormones

    Our milk contains no added hormones and comes from cows that are all vegetarian fed with non-GMO feed. The result of these processes means customers get the freshest and most natural milk that can be sold in a store. It is exactly what natural food consumers and those looking for healthy food choices for their families are hoping to find.

    Low pasteurized :  We process the milk at the lowest temperature possible, allowing us to deliver our products in their most natural state.

    Non Homogenized :  We believe that milk should be processed as little as possible, and consumed in the most natural state possible.  Homogenization, which is not necessary for any food safety reason, destroys the sweet, creamy taste of fresh milk and alters its molecular structure.

    What you get is healthy dairy, and helping your local dairymen families.

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  • The Foley Fish Company

    The Foley Fish Company

    For four generations, the Foley family has consistently set the industry standard for the freshest, most flavorful seafood available. Foley Fish is sustainably sourced, meticulously processed, and handled with care from dock to plate. As the nation’s most discriminating chefs will tell you – if you love fish, you’ll love Foley.

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  • Tiny Toad Gardens

    Tiny Toad Gardens
  • Tonns Honey

    Tonns Honey

    Responsible Beekeeping

    You may notice that some of our honeys may appear cloudy. That’s because Tonn’s Honey is blended with special attention to varietals, colors, and flavors that help to achieve a beautiful balance in our honey. We only strain out impurities by gently heating the honey and never taking out all of the natural, healthy elements that pure honey can provide. We work with the finest beekeepers to make sure all our honey is responsibly sourced.

    Bee keeper with honey comb

    Raw Honey

    No Processing Aids

    The taste of our honey is different for a lot of reasons — the non-invasive straining process we use on our honey is free of any processing aids, meaning the taste is completely pure. You taste only the natural elements of each variety — clover, wildflower, buckwheat, orange flower blossom. Our method of straining the honey leaves the natural pollens in tact and allows it to be a 100% pure product of nature.

    The Tonn's Honey Way

    We believe in a simple, genuine way of living, and work hard to create a product that reflects our values. No matter your taste, our selection of five honeys offer unique flavor profiles for the everyday consumer as well as honey aficionados.

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  • Uncle Mikes

    Uncle Mikes

    Our Story

    Marinated overnight. Slow cooked. It takes time to make a jerky this good. But we’re good at slow-- our meat snacks kitchen is located in rural Holmes County, OH, home to the world’s largest Amish community and a place where many people still travel with horse and buggy. We’re good at slowing down. We take time to appreciate our surroundings and enjoy our families. And that’s how we want you to enjoy our jerky. Eat slowly, be mindful of each bite, and appreciate the savory taste of Uncle Mike’s.

    In Amish Country we’re meticulous when it comes to quality in our products. We use real, lean meat and spices to create that satisfying taste. Enjoy the zest and the nutrition.

    Try other flavors of Uncle Mike’s Beef Jerky. Chances are you’ll discover a new favorite!  

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  • Walnut Creek

  • Weaver Family Farms

  • Wicks Pies

    From raising pigs to starting a trucking company, Duane “Wick” Wickersham was always a hard working entrepreneur. On September 2, 1944, Wick was making a delivery to a local factory in Winchester, IN, and upon arrival noticed a commotion; an employee had spent his lunch hour at the pub and returned intoxicated. In his impaired state the employee caused an accident that shut down production. Wick overheard the plant managers complaining about how often their employees were getting intoxicated during their lunch break, and Wick suggested that they open a café inside the facility so employees would stay for lunch. A week later, the owners of the factory called Wick and asked if he would like to open that cantina. After a successful first year, he sold the cantina to the factory and started The Rainbow Restaurant in downtown Winchester.

    Historic Plant PictureUsing many of his Grandmother’s recipes, Wick was successful with his new restaurant. The pies were such a hit (especially Sugar Cream Pie) that he started delivering them out of a 1934 Buick Sedan. Wick reached his goal of producing and selling 300 pies per day after just 4 years. Through hard work and word of mouth, the demand for Wick’s pies outgrew his capacity, and he needed to scale his production. pie_trucks_historicIn 1961, Wick purchased a building just East of downtown Winchester and built his new production line which featured a nitrogen freezing process that allowed for the shipment of frozen pies. We still reside at 217 SE Greenville Ave in Winchester, where we now make 10,000 pies and over 30,000 pie shells in an 8-hour shift.

    Sugar Cream Baking 1962Like many family businesses, Wick employed his own children to help grow the company. Wick’s daughter, Paulette was hired in 1983 to work in production and retire as HR manager in 2006. Her son, Rob Kelly, has been with us since 1990 and is now our plant manager. In 1985, Mike Wickersham joined his father at Wick’s Pies and became our new company president. Mike’s son, Dylan, was brought on in 2014 for sales, social media and marketing. In 1990, Marsha Wickersham, Wick’s Daughter, joined Wick’s Pies to head up sales. Together, the family has grown Wick’s Pies by staying true to Wick’s values of making the highest quality product while providing great customer service. Today we employ more than 70 people who are part of the Wick’s Pies family.

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  • Windy Hill

  • Wolverine Schools Gardening Club

  • Wolverine Schools Gardening Club

  • Woodside Kitchen

    Woodside Kitchen

    We are a family-owned and operated business located in Augusta, GA. We are committed to adorning, drizzling, marinating, and dressing your food in simply the best sauces to be found.

    But our commitment doesn't end there.

    We began our company with the dream of sharing in the future of a unique group of people whom we love dearly. Seven years ago, we were introduced to this world when our third son Wade was born with Down syndrome. As we have grown and learned, we have become profoundly grateful for this, our journey. We believe, therefore, that the greatest dream our business can fulfill will be in providing work for our son and for others like him, who also dream of a future with a job, an income, and an employer who cares.

    It is with gratitude and joy that we welcome the pleasure of your presence on our shared journey--a journey where we will learn to recognize both the common thread of our similarities and the contrasting beauty of our differences. Please go forward with us to build a world where together we will taste the exquisite, savor the moments, and linger in the simplicity.

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  • Yoder Fine Foods

    Yoder's Fine Foods also known as Yoder's Cider Barn was started in 1975 primarily as a custom cider pressing operation. The owners and operators were Levi & Wilma Yoder. It was strictly a Fall-operated business, open from September through December. A son, Sheldon, soon started wholesale routes in Columbus and surrounding areas, with apple cider being the only product produced.

    Twelve years later the family felt the need to expand the business to something that was operational year round. So in 1987, with son Steve on board as well, the company began producing apple butter and nine varieties of jam. In 1994, because of losing a major retailer's cider business, the company started to change directions even more, as 40 new varieties of jam and fruit butters were added.

    In addition to losing a large portion of the cider business, the laws and regulations concerning unpasteurized cider began to slowly become more restrictive and demanding. Because the company strongly believed in the superior quality and taste of unpasteurized cider, a decision was made to not pursue pasteurized cider. Because of that decision, less than 1% of gross sales are now from cider. The company still produces unpasteurized cider in season, and sells it at our retail location only.

    In 1996, the business was transferred from Levi & Wilma Yoder to sons Sheldon and Steve. On June 12, 2013, Levi went to live with his Heavenly Father, leaving the family with a wonderful legacy, and fond memories. In 2007, because of the change of direction in business production, we've decided to change our business name to Yoder's Fine Foods to better reflect our line of work. Presently Yoder's Fine Foods employs eight full-time and four part-time workers. The business is open year round and always welcomes visitors. Yoder's Fine Foods is truly grateful for God's kind blessings on our business, and for the many people who have already bought and enjoyed our "Fine Foods." May God bless all of you!

    The Yoders and Crew

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  • Zingermans Creamery

    Zingermans Creamery

    Way back in 2001, Zingerman’s Creamery got its start making our Real Cream Cheese®, an enduring Ann Arbor favorite which has been hailed by Cook’s Illustrated for “its full flavor and well-rounded balance between saltiness, tanginess, and creaminess.” We specialize in making cow’s and goat’s milk cheeses, gelato, and sorbets. We make everything in small batches with the best local milk from small farmers who share our passion for quality and tradition.

    We preserve the incredible flavor of the fresh milk we receive by using old-world techniques coupled with the most precious of resources, time. All of our cheeses are hand-ladled to preserve the delicate characteristics of the curd and we use uncommonly-long sets to draw out a full, complex flavor and a low-heat, long pasteurization to maintain that flavor.

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