Serendipity Farms standards


Animal Welfare Approved certified by A Greener World

Pasture raised from day one

Natural birthing

No Hormones or Steriods

Verified Gmo-free


Soy free

No drugs o Antibiotics

No Animal by products

No Nitrates/Nitrite

Raised beyond Organic standards

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Serendipity farms farm standards of our grassfed beef


Pasture raised

Rotational grazing


Grass finished 

No Hormones

No Antibiotics 

No Steriods

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Serendipity Farms standards for our layers


Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World

Non gmo grains

Soy free grains

Wheat free grains

Fermented feed

No Steriods

No Antibiotics

Free ranged on pasture since hatched

Winter months 24/7 access to pasture

Holistic management cinnamon, garlic, lavender and other herbs and spices given to keep our flock as healthy as can be.

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Serendipity Farms standards for our broilers


Animal welfare certified by A Greener World

Freedom Rangers ( breed)

Our chicks are hatched from parent stock fed non gmo grains, because gmo’s don’t render away.

On pasture since they hatched

Non gmo grains

Soy free grains

Wheat free

No animal by products

No Antibiotics

Free ranged 24/7

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Organic Microgreens & Vegetables

We eat all of the crops we grow, so we grow it the way we feel safe eating it!

We believe the key to growing great crops is to maintain great soil that is full of life.  To do so, we keep our spraying to a minimum, using only organic-approved pesticides at the lightest effective dose when absolutely necessary. We refrain from using destructive chemical fertilizers and pesticides and rely heavily on compost and cover crops to build fertility and prevent erosion throughout the growing season.

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My products contain certified organic ingredients obtained from co-ops in the United States. I strive to provide a high quality and effective product to all my customers that I also personally use with my family. I promise that I will always give you my personal best and that I will pour my heart and soul into what I am creating. I truly believe in the power of elderberries and raw unfiltered honey. My elderberry syrup is husband and kid approved.

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Serendipity Farms Natural

What does Serendipity Farms Natural mean? Well, to us, it means using the cleanest & simple Natural ingredients without sacrificing flavor. Clean, simple labels, even your 5-year-old can read them, no added fillers and ingredients that don't need to be in their period. It is essential to us when feeding our family and equally important to us when providing yours.

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TC Elderberry

Our Standards

Here at TC Elderberry, we want you to feel like you are getting the best "homemade" elderberry syrup you have ever had. We want to give you the excellent customer service that you deserve while also manufacturing our products with safety in mind. We work hard to be compliant with FDA regulations. We truly hope to excel in all areas of our very small business. It is our mission to spread health, hope and love - one bottle at a time.

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