Low pasteurized, non homogenized cream top milk from the Farmers Dairy. Working with local small Amish and Mennonite dairy farms together they bring you The Farmers Creamery. What does this mean for you?

No Added Hormones

Our milk contains no added hormones and comes from cows that are A2A2 and grass-fed.  The result of these processes means customers get the freshest and most natural milk that can be sold in a store. It is exactly what natural food consumers and those looking for healthy food choices for their families are hoping to find.

Low pasteurized :  We process the milk at the lowest temperature possible, allowing us to deliver our products in their most natural state.

Non Homogenized :  We believe that milk should be processed as little as possible, and consumed in the most natural state possible.  Homogenization, which is not necessary for any food safety reason, destroys the sweet, creamy taste of fresh milk and alters its molecular structure.

What you get is healthy dairy, and helping your local dairymen families.

The Farmers Creamery