We are a family-owned and operated business located in Augusta, GA. We are committed to adorning, drizzling, marinating, and dressing your food in simply the best sauces to be found.

But our commitment doesn't end there.

We began our company with the dream of sharing in the future of a unique group of people whom we love dearly. Seven years ago, we were introduced to this world when our third son Wade was born with Down syndrome. As we have grown and learned, we have become profoundly grateful for this, our journey. We believe, therefore, that the greatest dream our business can fulfill will be in providing work for our son and for others like him, who also dream of a future with a job, an income, and an employer who cares.

It is with gratitude and joy that we welcome the pleasure of your presence on our shared journey--a journey where we will learn to recognize both the common thread of our similarities and the contrasting beauty of our differences. Please go forward with us to build a world where together we will taste the exquisite, savor the moments, and linger in the simplicity.

Woodside Kitchen